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Thank you for your interest in Northwest Software's Tracker-Series fundraising event application suite, the last fundraising event software application suite you will ever need! Northwest Software offers its applications under traditional, commercial software licensing. This means that our end-users never pay annual license renewal fees or a percentage of their gross event revenues per event as a fee to use our applications! The Tracker-Series application suite offers solutions that effectively manage walk-a-thons, fun runs, benefit auctions, fundraising banquets and charity golf tournaments of all sizes and variations imaginable. Over $2.5 BILLION dollars in successful fundraising event management has been entrusted to Tracker-Series applications since 1990!


Auction-Tracker® v7.00
Officially Released To Production and Now Shipping!

The staff and management of Northwest Software Technologies are proud to announce the release of Auction-Tracker v7.00. This application release builds on Auction-Tracker v6.00 which was released in October of 2008.

"In today's economy, event fundraising has become a key component of a nonprofit's financial and social portfolio. This level of success is sought after by nonprofits at all levels as they look to maximize revenue to fund their missions," commented Jack D. Wilson, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Software Technologies, Inc.. "For twenty-one years, Auction-Tracker has proven to be the market's only true event fundraising software application that provides the tools needed for consistent, long-term, successful event fundraising management. Auction-Tracker v7.00 deepens our commitment in helping the nonprofit community to expand that growth with new features and tools to help them realize even greater success."

The Auction-Tracker v7.00 upgrade contains over 200 enhancements with over 90% of them being requested by our user community across North America. In addition to the enhancements, new features such as Wish List Giving, Corporate Giving Policy Management, MyEvent Online Registration integration and IRS Substantiation Forms 8282 and 8283 management have been also added to the application's already comprehensive design.

End-users can now upgrade their existing Auction-Tracker v6 installations for a cost of $299.00. For those users who have an annual application support or annual cloud hosting agreement, the cost is $199.00!

Learn more about Auction-Tracker, by visiting the Auction-Tracker website or contact our corporate sales team at 425.252.7287 or via email at

Auction-Tracker®, The "Balanced"
approach to Benefit Auction Fundraising!

While benefit auctions are exciting and fun, their purpose is to raise funds in support of your organization’s mission. Behind any successful event is hours of planning, preparation and organization. Building on an events success requires the fostering of long-term relationships and strategic planning from event to event.

Whether your event raises $25,000.00 or $26.5 MILLION dollars in one night, it cannot magically achieve financial success on its own. Strategic planning, procurement and building long term relationships from event to event are needed for your event to thrive and grow. In today's economy you need a powerful, proven data management tool to acheive this.

and Suite of Add-ins
Enhance and Engage!

Auction-Tracker is more than auction management... it is benefit auction development! Even if there is new event leadership each year Auction-Tracker is the powerful data management tool that facilitates strategic analysis and planning bringing it all together!

For complete information on Auction-Tracker, visit the Auction-Tracker website or contact our corporate sales team at 425.252.7287 or via email at

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