The Tracker-Series Suite

World-Class software for comprehensive event fundraising management.

For Today's Competitive Market

The Tracker-Series! Event fundraising has become one of the top three opportunities for raising funds in North America. Competition for these dollars has never been higher. With properly written comprehensive data management tools, organizations are simply better equipped to capture more of these dollars, both immediate and long-term, than other nonprofit organizations. For the past 26 years, those nonprofit organizations who use applications from the Tracker-Series suite attain that competitive advantage and give themselves the means to put their events into a position of sustainable growth year over year.

Flexibility and Perspective

Properly designed software must be written from the experience of many within a field of expertise, not just one person's perspective. The expertise of many is at the heart of our design philosophy. Top event fundraising professionals, benefit auctioneers, the Internal Revenue Service, Revenue Canada, and most importantly our user community drive our application and service development. Our user community gains financially from the expertise of these market professionals, their peers and colleagues.

Tracker-Series applications allow users the flexibility to manage events their way and with their ideas. Users tailor each event's configuration to meet the event's specific needs and requirements. Vital information is obtained effortlessly through extensive reporting capabilities designed by your peers.

Traditional Software Licensing

Purchase our software application licenses one time - no yearly license fees or percentage take of each event to break your already limited budget; no per workstation fees; affordable "upgrade" pricing to keep you current; and "updates" to the release you are using are always free! You own your software license. Comprehensive application support ensures that you realize the full potential of your investment.

The Tracker-Series application suite and add-in services provide the lowest cost of ownership of any event fundraising software available on today's market. After all, it is about making money for your organization and mission!

Excellent Financial Investment

Great software isn't enough - experienced support is the key to choosing an application provider. Northwest Software Technologies offers experience, knowledge, stability and technical expertise that is unsurpassed. Since 1991 our firm has set a standard that no other developer has yet been able to successfully duplicate. Our team understands the practical applications of fundraising event management, providing users with ongoing feedback of industry, IRS, Revenue Canada and peer issues.

The Tracker-Series application suite is the only event fundraising software positioned for the long-term growth and success of the events they manage and support.