Partner Program

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NW Software Partner Program Northwest Software publishes and supports the industry's most comprehensive suite of event fundraising management applications available. The Tracker-Series application suite covers all of the primary event fundraising disciplines: Walks/Runs, Benefit Auctions, Fundraising Banquets and Charity Golf Tournaments. Our experience in event fundraising software management development spans 26 years.

As the pioneering and leading developer of commercial event fundraising software management solutions, our applications consistently perform at the highest level of expectation set by our most valued asset, the more than 2,500 nonprofit and educational organizations worldwide. The level of trust placed in our applications is evident through not only the tenured national site licenses with highly recognized national/international nonprofit organizations, but local youth organizations raising funds for programs, hospital foundations raising funds to cover the uninsured, support research and many more causes across the globe.

Our partnerships cover a number of channels and include:
  • Event Planners
  • Professional Benefit Auctioneers
  • Event Suppliers
  • Third Party Integrators
Partnerships mean added strength. That's why our partner program is an essential part of the solutions strategy at Northwest Software Technologies. We continue to build relationships with event planners, auctioneers and suppliers whose services and expertise complement our own, helping all parties provide stronger fundraising solutions for nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Channel Partners

Represent software with 30 years of proven integrity and success!
Northwest Software's reseller sales channel supports our commitment to customers worldwide by extending our reach, offering local resources and expertise. Together we offer sales, services and support that span our product and solutions portfolio.

The services provided by event planners, auctioneers and suppliers of event support services, along with our event fundraising management software, are integral parts of the total solution provided to the nonprofit organizations mutually served. Our approved partners recommend and sell Tracker-Series applications as a part of their solution. Channel partners receive generous commissions for all software applications sold as well as sales assistance that includes all marketing collaterals, access to online demonstration tools and more.

Unlike our competitors, Northwest Software does not require its channel partners to support our applications! This gives our partners more time focus on their expertise, assisting nonprofit organizations raise money through event fundraising.

Third Party Integrators

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Integrated solutions from leading companies make up Northwest Software's third party integration program. Their solutions are often industry specific, specialized, and/or advanced technology areas. The integration, support and implementation services for these solutions are offered directly and exclusively through Northwest Software.

Third Party Integrators are companies that develop applications and technologies that integrate with the Tracker-Series application suite to meet the ever changing needs of our mutual end-users. Working together, we use our combined strengths to create and deliver innovative solutions that Northwest Software and its Channel Partners sell, service and support.

Do you have a software or hardware solution that is offered to the nonprofit market sector with a proven track record? Enhance your solution and expand your markets by integrating with real event fundraising software. Software that is designed and functions as intended.... CONSISTENTLY!

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